Today the organisers of Eurovision announced that there would be a change to how the results of the voting would be announced. This year that will involve the jury vote being announced country by country whilst the public votes from all the countries will be combined and announced at the end. Cue blind panic and hysteria from the masses.

The simple fact is that Eurovision needs to evolve with the times, and having long drawn out results when everyone knows the winner half way into the results is bland and does not do the show any favours. If anything it is currently an anti-climax and slightly comical where in many cases we already know the winner we 10+ countries to go. We still know the winners before the final country, even with ‘dynamic ordering’ whereby results are announced in specific order to try and create suspense.

For a Eurovision fan that may be fine, but for your casual viewer it must become a total turn off. As a casual viewer why would you continue watching a show when you know the winner? That is why these changes are necessary that is why I am not complaining. No this is not an SVT conspiracy to take over Eurovision, this is SVT suggesting changes which have worked for their national final. Neither is it a edict from Christer Björkman, it was unanimously approved by the reference group.

I’m afraid to say it but people need to get use to changes, Eurovision can’t use the same formula over and over it needs to adapt to keep viewers, and not just the die hard fans. I was opposed to Australia joining Eurovision, but it wasn’t the end of the world and in the end most people accepted them being part of the contest. There seems to be no uproar this year about that, the same can be said with the changes to voting. People will complain for a while before accepting it, perhaps some might end up thinking it is a good idea.

Rykka has been selected to represent Switzerland. After what can only describe as a bizarre selection show, where the potential acts sang covers of songs  instead of their entries, the Swiss public decided to send Rykka with her song ‘The Last Of Our Kind’. As with a couple of national finals this year Rykka was the best out of a lackluster line up, the song, though no masterpiece, is decent and better than some of the entries selected this year. She does however need to work on her voice a bit, she is not exactly in tune for most of the song.

I have enjoyed a lot of Swiss songs in the past, Sebalter were great, and so was Anna Rossinelli, unfortunately Rykka does not make the list of Swiss songs that I like. I would even go as far as saying that though, the song is decent, it is about as good as the Swiss offering in 2010 (Michael von der Heide) and look how that turned out. Perhaps next year the Swiss should concentrate on the whole package i.e. the song and the artist, as I really do not think making potential entries sing current pop song helped pick the right entry. Though there really wasn’t much to choose from.

Was a disaster vocally, and this is from someone who likes the song. From the very start the vocals were shaky, and though he did improve slightly half way through the song it was vocally not very good. Fingers crossed it is either due to the infamous acoustics at RTE’s studios, lack or practice or nervousness, if not then he is in for a big shock come May. On a positive note he is quite a charismatic person and a good staging might partially rescue this song from a poor result.

Lighthouse X will represent Denmark at Eurovision 2016 after winning the Danish Eurovision selection show with their song ‘Soldiers Of Love’. it looks like Denmark have not learned their lesson, in what can only be dubbed as Anti Social Media 2.0. First of all boy bands don’t generally do well at Eurovision, okay there are exceptions with bands such as Blue but generally they don’t do well at Eurovision. Then there is the fact that this song does not stand out at all it is a below average generic boy band song, in fact I would go as far as saying that ‘Soldiers Of Love’ is a bland song that tries to be catchy but fails.

What is worse is that Denmark had the chance to send a decent song which could have done well at Eurovision. Anja Nissen with her song ‘Never Alone’ was a good song, okay it had hints of being ‘Only Teardrops’ 2, but considering ‘Only Teardrops’ won Eurovision that is not necessarily a bad thing. With Anja Nissen Denmark could have done very well at Eurovision 2016, the song is modern, has a good beat and had an okay staging (2nd half of the performance was good 1st half was okay).

Denmark I am sorry to say you’ve picked the worst song. Borehouse X won’t be winning Eurovision, you may be lucky to get to the finals but this is not a top 10. You had a chance to do well, you obviously did not want to.

Another week goes by and we have another entry,  ZOË will represent Austria with her song Loin D’Lci. It’s a pleasant enough pop song but really it does not stand out, I would at best describe as on par with Belgium at worse a static performance that may not even make it through to the final. Which is why I don’t get why it is being hyped up, some comments I have read and heard border on the hysterical proclaiming that this ‘is the best Austrian entry every’. It blatantly isn’t.

Judging her performance from the national final it was static, all she did was walk around the stage a bit flicking her dress. Her voice was good but the song is not memorable at all, as soon as I had finished listening to it I had forgotten it. It is not the worst this year but considering the fact we have only got through 7 songs I’d wager that there are lot more to come which will be better. Best song Austria has ever sent? Not a chance (I even preferred last years).


Barei has been selected as the Spanish entry at this years Eurovision. It was decided during a late night Monday national final, which only started at 10.15 local time. Obviously prime time TV is slightly later than what I am used to, and subsequently I therefore fell asleep before the results were even read out. I know bad Eurovision fan, though I was quite confident that Barei would win (despite a 60 jury weighting).

Barei has quite a repetitive song however it does stick in your head which is always a positive, the choreography needs a lot of work though. Her backing vocals basically just stand there statically for the whole song while she moves her feet a bit. Considering this is quite an uptempo song she needs to make it a bit more lively, otherwise I fear this will look even weirder and out of place on the Eurovision stage, which will undoubtedly be substantially bigger than the stage she performed on last night.

Overall it looks like those on Twitter seemed to approve of Spain’s song.

That's what the Eurovision Song Contest is all about, it's not song contest, it's not a getting together of musical excellence. I love it.

Terry Wogan

Sir Terry Wogan has died aged 77 after short battle with cancer his family have confirmed. Wogan was known for being the BBC Eurovision commentator, he left the role after the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest and was replaced by Graham Norton. I’ll always remember him commentating on the first Eurovision I watched, his commentary often full of dry humour at the expense of others was iconic, which is why he is and always will be one of the most well known commentators to ever grace the Eurovision commentators booth.

In what can only be an indication of how well known and regarded ‘Terry Wogan’ was the top worldwide trend on Twitter with comments about his commentary on Eurovision, TV work, his radio show and the amount of fundraising he did.

There is no confirmation yet from the BBC whether they will have a tribute during the national final however it is almost certain they will. I’d also imagine that SVT are already looking for a way to remember Sir Wogan at this years Eurovision Final.

Rest in peace Sir Terry Wogan  you will be missed 1938-2016.

As they did last year the Azerbaijani national broadcaster (ITV) have decided to go for an internal selection. This is probably a good idea as the Azerbaijani audience with in the hall always seemed like they were being forced to watch against their will.

It looks like, though they are internally selecting the act, that they haven’t got anyone in particular in mind as they have asked for those interested to submit their songs. The main requirement of submitting a song is that you have Azerbaijani citizenship, don’t worry if you can’t sing (it’s not a requirement).

Submission should include the name and surname of the singer, date of birth, city of residence, audio and video recordings of the song. The deadline is the 10th of February and all entries should be submitted to